LATEST NEWS: Malaysia Airlines Plane MH370 Finally Found in the indian ocean

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the biggest mystery in the history finally resolved BH370 foundin indian oceans near the andaman islands.
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February 2014 Breaking News NDAA Law allows USA preemptive strike China – Last days final hour news prophecy update It is clear the world is in chaos and lea…



  • johnny bravo
  • Well, well, well, looks like the chickens are coming home to roost.

  • Even governments and it’s militarize are conspiracy theorists, they have to
    be able to look ahead of the game, that’s the idea behind preemptive, so
    stop with inducing conspiracy theorist in the media so much, at least they
    are intelligent enough to look ahead at a particular situation, and be able
    to come to a conclusion of the outcome with a pretty good degree of

  • Joseph Marton

    I would rather be an -American than be controlled by China, god save us
    from them. Whatever it takes to stay an American I will do it. I do not
    want the. Chinese to take over and control us, if you think lofe is hard
    now think of what can happen. I place my faith in America ! 

  • What if China make a preemptive strike against the US? Could a bankrupt USA
    fight China and Russia? I do not have the answer. You shall hear of WARS
    and rumours of wars. But the end is not yet, for the antichrist and the two
    beasts must rise to power first. 

  • Hubert Kleinpeter, Ph.D.

    Why is it its always posed as Chinese aggression? America has a long track
    record of being aggressive worldwide; a long record of constant war making
    despite the protestations of the American people; China does not. USA a
    nation of 300 million spends 600 billion a year on defense; China a nation
    of 1.3 billion spends 116 billion a year. Who runs that country (USA)?
    Psychopaths at the pentagon and NSA, or the peace loving American people? A
    democracy? No way with secret spying; torture scandals; police out of
    control; and a Congress and Presidents with no accountability from the
    public. The arrogance of a preemptive strike on China’s right to have its
    own defense capabilities just like the USA has? Does not America stockpile
    weapons all over its own landscapes? What if the China passes a law doing
    likewise? What – only the USA has the exclusive right to do every and all
    things they accuses others of? Any act of war will come from the USA – not
    China – they are too busy working hard on improving their society; laboring
    on building their economy, as the USA should. perhaps the USA, a rogue
    government that has ruined its own economy, and impoverished its own people
    that now seeks to steal the hard earned prosperity of another nation. The
    world increasingly is afraid of the Pentagon and NSA, and they seek the
    friendship and relief from a criminal enterprise in the guise of democracy.
    No one is fooled by it – except uneducated Americans. May your God help
    you; or maybe the Chinese will rescue your children.

  • China is not building Aircraft Carriers to look at and they’re not claiming
    Japanese Airspace so they can return it. The powers that be are looking to
    geographically transform the world and now they’re moving into position.
    Only the smart ones will understand that this has already been worked out
    and stay out of it.

  • Rhonda Schmit

    Obama does not meet the criteria for becoming the president. He does not
    follow the constitution or any laws for that matter. Therefore, it should
    be, that any laws he has made or tries to implement are unenforceable.

  • Carlos Sanchez

    lol with the NDAA, you americans are in deep shit

  • The DOD authorizes a lot of seemingly ridiculous military plans, and have
    been since at least WW2. This is no different. Of course, when a news
    organization picks up on one of these plans, they turn it into a
    scaremongering story with some alluring, heavily editorialized title. This
    in turn draws in thousands of people, and with every click an article or
    video gets, the news organization gets money. People love to be scared, and
    people love having someone to blame. It just happens to be the president
    with fewer radical beliefs than them. It’s just sad that it’s gotten to the
    point where the media has almost total control over people by scaring them
    into voting for the short-sighted and often retrogressive politicians. You
    could say that through the power of unregulated lobbying and
    gerrymandering, politicians are paid by among other things, these news
    sources effectively turn you into just another number which allows the
    politician in question to gain tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of
    votes, purely through sensationalist media. Don’t vote with your party,
    vote with your brain. A change for the better will come when people see
    politics as a spectrum, not as a matter of red or blue, and learn to see
    the benefits each side has to offer. 

  • Chong chinkos are less intelligent than even previously thought; sounds
    like with the goofy big monkey leader they’re going to screw up their
    industrialization so far and get themselves flattened by Uncle Sam. (and
    who’d loan them money to rebuild, this time, after they were saved in WW2 –
    won’t be any takers on that one this time!

  • Mary Angelus

    Stupid idiots. If anyone starts a nuclear strike, it’ll be WWIII, the end
    of the current world. Stop the craps!


    There is talk that drug cartels can work as martirs to attack USA if war
    broke out. US needs to take these threats very serious. Cartels already are
    settled in the US. 

  • We may have many differences except one… We want to fight for our
    freedoms follow me on twitter for that alone @bobbydep1

  • antony hardian

    I think China will make the first move, so keep your eyes open.

  • hightower33874

    Well it’s now December and it didn’t happen just like everything else that
    people say is going to happen on this date or that date. I thought the
    world was going to end on march 21 2011 like Harold camping said it was
    going to… Oh dam it didn’t your all suckers that gave him money 

  • ricardo luna butler

    eviL pLots we Launch
    2:5 of each of theirs for every 1 of us eviL pLots death:
    September 2013 Breaking News Law passed for USA preemptive strike China –
    Last Days final hour news

  • Glad I buy Japanese not Chinese goods :D

  • Enrique Nates

    how a balístic weapon can hit his target , if there are rockets that can
    take them out far FÁR away? it is a stupid game

  • There wouldn’t be anybody else to shrug their shoulders after it happened.

  • Yes, the fate of the free world depends on what you the American citizen
    will do to take control. No one else can, it is up to you and you only. The
    rest of the world cannot stand up against the USA military, not if we want
    a habitable world left afterwards. The only way to stop this is if US
    citizens do it, it’s your govt. that’s out of control, fix it please.

  • ruski lies

  • Agree wholeheartedly! Well said.

  • Okky Handayani

    US is hitting on closer to Iran. That country actually has the courage to
    stand up and refuse US’s intervention to their nation’s policies and
    governance. China has been a direct ally to Iran through oil trade, leaving
    out US’s involvement, allowing themselves to pose as “ring one” from the
    target country. If any strikes are made to China, yes World War 3 lies
    ahead, and Asia-Pacific is bound to suffer. The domino effect will be the
    collapse of dollar and from then on is history.

  • FastFarmer0099

    well I guess you know your destination…

  • МистерСмерть Люц

    this must knew everybody